Ferris Rover XC™ FS1200 Ride-On Spreader

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The Rover XC™ FS1200 is ideal for those who want a compact spreader but need more granular capacity. Like the FS1100, it provides excellent handling, even on sloped turf and has components that resist the corrosive effects of granular chemicals, but the Rover XC has a 200-pound capacity to cover more area efficiently.

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Engine Model



Full Speed: 3750 RPM (No Load) Idle: 1400 RPM

Fuel Capacity – gal (L)
0.82 gal (3.1 L)

Fuel Type
Regular unleaded gasoline, 87 octane or higher

Fuel Shut-Off Valve
Located on engine

Transmission Model
Peerless 855 Series, coated for corrosion resistance

Speed (mph)
Low Gear: 3.5 mph (5.6 km/hr) High Gear: 5.0 mph (8.0 km/hr)

Front Tires
18″ x 9.5 – 8, RV antifreeze added for ballast and traction

Rear Tires
13″ x 6.50 – 6

Spreader Model
Spyker 220 Series

Spreader Hopper Capacity (lbs.)

Variable Spread Width
14, consistent

Overall Length – in. (cm)
54.0 (137)

Overall Width – in. (cm)
35.5 (90)

Overall Height – in. (cm)
49.0 (124)

Dry Weight – lbs (kg)
330 (150)

Full Weight – lbs (kg)
550 (249)

Safety Interlock
This machine is equipped with a neutral safety start module. To start the engine, the transmission must be in the neutral (N) position.

Accessories Warranty
Standard: 1 year Rental: 90 days

Belts, Tires, Brake Pads, Hoses, Battery Warranty
Standard: 90 days Rental: 90 days

Engine Brand
Vanguard® 160

Legacy Material Number

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